Garage Floor Restoration

The owners of this home in the Redlands Brisbane area were seeking some advice on how to make their garage more attractive and inviting again.  They had advised us they didn’t want to go with tiles again due to the garage being used as a workshop and the constant damage caused to the tiles due to tools being dropped and damaging the tiles, also the pourus grout holding dirt and contaminants making the space appear dirty and unmaintained. The solution was to remove the old tiles and install a polyurea full broadcast chip coating. This coating is not only extremely attractive but extremely durable with no future maintenance required. The product is non pourus so it will not hold onto dirt and contaminants or discolour and is flexible, making it crack, chip, and  damage resistant. Answering all the customers requirements!













The process to applying this coating required the removal and disposal of the damaged tiles and glue, then the slab is tested for moisture and density.   Any cracks or divets in the slab underneath required patching.  Once the patch work has dried we then diamond grind the entire slab to ensure a maximum mechanical bind between the coating and the concrete slab to ensure a lifetime guarantee on the product.  After, the slab is vacuumed to remove any dust and contaminants and now the installation can begin.

We coated the floor with a moisture barrier due to some moisture issues in one part of the slab.  It is important to ensure there is no moisture between the concrete and the coating as this can cause the coating to fail later on.  Once cured the primer base coat is applied with a full broadcast of the chosen flake blend till full rejection (no base coat can be seen under the flake)  This produces more depth and enhances the finish of the coating.  The base coat with the flake is now left to cure.  Once cured a reclaim of the excess flake is performed.  The undamaged flake can then be reused later on.  We now profile the floor to produce a smooth and even flaked surface, followed by removing the broken and damaged flake which is disposed of.  The floor is then vacuumed to ensure no loose flake or material is left under the final top coat.  The top coat of RG80 is superior in its field, 100% non pourus, flexible and UV stable which allows this coating to be applied indoors and out with a far more durable surface than any other coating on the market.

The garage floor restoration is now complete with a very happy and satisfied customer which comes with our full guarantee.