The Basics of Epoxy Flooring, Roof Restoration, and Exterior House Painting in Cleveland

Cook Painters & Restorators understands the finer points of home restoration projects, and we strive to give your home a fresh and new look. However, we also understand that sometimes homeowners don’t know the difference between an acrylic and an enamel. Even though we’ll advise you about the paints that will suit your needs, we want you to have a basic understanding of the differences.

Types of Paints

Paints come in two basic categories and then have a variety of differences from there such as the amount of sheen. The categories include water-based and oil-based paints. Water-based paints are sometimes referred to as latex paints even though latex is not an ingredient. Both types of paints have their advantages and disadvantages that make them more suitable for specific applications.

Oil-based paint was always believed to be the best choice for exterior painting in Cleveland because of its durability, but improvements in water-based paints have made them excellent exterior choices as well. However, if your home was previously painted with an oil-based paint, you should continue to do so.

A latex paint applied over an oil-based paint is likely to peel quickly. You can determine if your old paint is latex or oil-based by doing a chip test. Firstly, find a place where the paint is peeling and lift off a piece. If the chip curls before breaking off it is likely latex but if it just breaks off easily without curling it is probably oil-based.

Acrylic paints are water-based and use acrylics as an ingredient that helps it adhere to the surface. An enamel is an oil-based paint that has a higher gloss and is more durable. Sometimes you will see a mixture of terms like acrylic enamel which can be confusing, but it just means it is an acrylic paint that has a higher gloss.

For a roof restoration in Cleveland, we use a specialised paint created for roofs. As with all painting jobs, the preparation is critical. Firstly, the roof is cleaned, and any damage repaired before the painting process can begin. The products we use for roof painting in Cleveland have been designed for roofs in this area and will continue to look great for years in our climate conditions.

Epoxy Flooring in Cleveland

Epoxy flooring in Cleveland is a cost-effective and beautiful way of restoring concrete floors with a durable and low maintenance finish. We create epoxy from a combination of a resin and a hardener which chemically react to make a plastic that is strong, stain resistant, and which tightly adheres to the concrete. We can include additives for decorative looks or to create non-slip surfaces.

You don’t have to be an expert in house painting in Cleveland because our knowledgeable team can advise you on the right choices for the different projects inside and outside of your home. If your home needs a fresh look contact Cook Painters & Restorators and we can discuss how to help you.