Roof restoration specialists

There is nothing quite like a newly restored roof to make your home look beautiful and add serious value to your home. When you walk down the street, roofs that have been repainted catch your eye, simply because they look so good, making the unpainted roofs look old, dirty and unappealing.

Pre-sale roof restorations are the perfect way to add value to your home, make it more appealing to buyers, and allowing you to achieve your asking price. However, if you are not moving and your roof hasn’t been touched in 20 years, then it is way past time to give it a facelift and restore your old roof to its former glory, so that it looks even better than the original.

We use hard wearing paints designed for the Australian climate

You can’t use regular exterior paint on your roof or even the cheaper brands of roofing paint. At Cook Painters & Restorators we only use the very best and most durable paint for your restoration, because we know you have seen paint jobs that fade and peel within a few years.

We can also use superior heat reflective coatings that will allow you to keep your cooling costs down during the harsh Australian summers.
Our restoration process ensures that your roof will look beautiful and be fully protected for many years into the future.

Our three-step roof restoration process

We have a huge range of wonderful colours for your roof restoration and will help you to make the right choice, so that your roof compliments the exterior colour scheme of your home.

Cook Painters & Restorators are very environmentally aware, so we make sure that any run-off from the restoration process is contained and managed appropriately.

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